My mission is to provide quality counseling and coaching services to a diverse array of individuals, college students, young adults, veterans and adults. 

I guide you on a path to excellence and wellness, allowing you to feel more joy in your life.

What to Expect

You will learn tools to enhance learning and peak performance in all areas of life. 

I'm able to do this by blending many techniques to maximize your counseling experience. The skills you develop you will use not only to reach your goals today but for years to come. 

Focus Areas 

People come from across the country to learn skills, gain knowledge and achieve results in different areas.

  • Peak Performance Tools - to perform optimally, achieving goals in academics, athletics, and life.
  • Mindfulness tools - to live and perform with more ease, grace, and joy
  • Guided Afterlife Communication - to heal from grief and loss
  • Relaxation skills - to cope with challenges and difficulties
  • Creative problem-solving tools
  • Stress management - for performance and health enhancement
  • Anxiety & Depression management
  • Attention deficit disorder - counseling and support for children, college students and adults
  • Emotional regulation
  • Life transitions - to cope with a job change, relocation, college entry, and health recovery
  • Emotional freedom techniques
  • Energy movement tools
  • Self-esteem & efficacy issues

"Thank YOU for giving me such a life changing experience!"