Influential people in my work

Brian Belsher, M.C., Thank you for your enthusiastic Teaching Mentorship when I taught Counseling Courses at Scottsdale Community College
Kathy Bolls, inspired me to explore Spirit Communication 
Allan Botkin, Psy.D., inspiration with Induced After Death Communication
Nola Davis, CEO, NHA, friend and inspiration with Guided Afterlife Connection work 
Tom Dugan, Ed.D., Teaching Mentor I was teaching Adjunction Counseling Courses at Scottsdale Community College 
Jeffry Gorrell, Ph.D., Mentor and Professor during Graduate Coursework at Auburn University
Glennele Halpin, Ph.D. & Gerald Halpin, Ph.D., my Mentors and Professors at Auburn University. Thank you for believing in me!
Jean Houston, Ph.D., Professor in Living Your Supreme Destiny 
Mark Ireland, Author and inspiration in developing Mediumship skills to connect with our loved ones after physical death
Sue Jennings, Ph.D. , Earlham Major Professor, thank you for your faith in me completing my Thesis!
Ava L. Jensen, Ph.D., Thank you for always being there to guide when I was first teaching adjunction courses at Scottsdale Community College
Margaret Lechner, M.Ed., Thank you for your hours of help with my undergraduate thesis! 
Becky Liddle, Ph.D., C.Psych., Thank you for your wise guidance during my Master's program, Counseling Supervision and Oral Exams
Maureen McGill, M.F.A.
Edith A. Miller, Ed.D, Educational Psychology Mentor, Thank you for your gentle yet firm faith in me and my ability to creatively write. I learned so much from you and miss you! 
Ruth Neff MS & Sam Neff, Ph.D., thank you for your constant love and all you do for our world. The summer with you at Earlham was a wonderful summer! 
Edwin Robinson, MBA, Thank you for your stewardship with references and helping people have joy because they have meaningful work. 
Elisabeth Zinck Rothenberger, MA., Stanford 
Stephen F. Salinger, Ph.D., You were a great Graduate Statistics Professor! 
Bill Stevenson, Ph.D., Thank you for believing in me when I was at Earlham and for connecting me with Ruth and Sam Neff. My life has been forever changed because of your caring.  
Bruce Thomas, M.C., Thank you for your warm collegiality and Mentorship while I was an Adjunct Counselor at Glendale Community College.
Patricia Whang, Ph.D., Thank you for Mentoring me, guiding me in research design, proposal writing and having faith in me.
Rochelle Wright, M.S., NCC, L.I.S.A.C., Thank you for your inspiring work with Repair and Reattachment Grief Counseling. 
Jeannie Wyatt, Ph.D, Thank you for caring and sharing while I was learning the ropes of teaching Counseling Classes at Scottsdale Community College.

Margo Susan Huffman, Thank you Mom for your love, caring and cheering for my personal life and career.

Blaine Beanblossom, Thank you Dad for your love, caring & creativity. Your talents are endless.

Ben Reed, Thank you for your faith, constant love & caring.

Neil Maghzal, Thank you for your constant love and caring.

Patrick "Putte" Persson, Medium and Ambassador for the Spirit World, Thank you for your gentle giant faith in me.

Jamie Clark, Medium & Coach, Thank you for your constant enthusiasm, love and faith. 

Beauty Beanblossom, Thank you for your constant affection, love and playfulness. You bring such joy to my life! 

Edith May Schafer, Thank you Grandma...I love you so much and feel your love around me. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and Grandmother. 

Norman Frederick Schafer, Thank you Grandpa....I love you so much. Thank you for teaching and guiding me in beautiful unexpected ways. 

Clara Haynes Free, My Great Grandmother ~ You inspire me to be my best always. You were a maverick during your day. I thank you for your love, wisdom, inspiration and guidance. 

Charles O. Free, My Great Grandfather ~ Thank you for your guidance, love and faith in me. You touch my heart when I least expect it ~ for which I am eternally grateful.

Charles Free, My Great Uncle, Thank you for always reaching out to me, loving me, demonstrating without a doubt that time is eternal, as is your love and faith in me to teach and always learn so that I might help others. 🌹🌹🌹 Your roses and presence are so beautiful!